George Leyman
- George is the caretaker of the Gate C power point. He's been doing it for long enough that very little surprises him any more. He rarely says what the caretaker's job requires, but he seems to enjoy it. George is of average height and weight, brown hair, and eyes that are best described as eye colored.

Tri - As a intelligent Triceratops, Tri would turn head. Except something in his passage through Gate C has made him ignorable, in fact even looking right at him most people can't tell he's there. His best friend (or worst enemy) is C a Compsognathus.

C - Like Tri, C is intelligent and ignorable, Unlike Tri, C doesn't want to be ignored. As a result he leads Tri into disasters of one degree or another in an attempt to be noticed. For some reason Tri still considers C a friend. . . for now. This would probably be easier on Tri, if C didn't have a near mystical ability to find whatever he needs to try his lates scheme. Sometime it seems like he pulls things right out of thin air.

Sean - Sean appears to be a Leprechaun, should he appear at all. He seems to only be visible to those he chooses to let see him. One such person is George Leyman. Sean has never explained his presense at Gate C and George seem content if frustrated at time with not knowing.

Darth - Darth is a happy go lucky silver dragon that always seem to be looking for a sparring match. hyper active hardly covers his behavior. but some how he seems to avoid destroying anything inspite of these things.

Maple Treant - Maple is a treant (big surprise) having plopped her self down next to George favorite reading rock She shee immoble now. No one's sure if it's becuase she can't move or is just extremely lazy. She does tend to prod George into action whenever she deems it necessary.