If you are curious about what comics I like.
Here are three links to my favorites.
More will be add as I get permission to have them.
Yin and Yang Online comic
Yin and Yang Online Comic

What happens when...
a magick wielding descendant of Merlin
falls in love with a Lupine Demigod?

Things get interesting!

The Wings of Change
The Wings of Change

A half Elvian ranger in training who talks to plants and her hawk.
A gigantic absent minded land dragon
A surly nightmare ravaged miniature Dragon Ranger.
A age defying priest haunted by his "stoned" son
Mysterious gods
And orphan pixies kids on a sugar HIGH!
and that was just what you see in the first 24 hours.

Savior of Grace
Savior of Grace

Ever wonder what happens when you meet your guardian angel?
Well read this and find out.